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Any person entering the Center facilities during the mounting and dismounting stage of any event, shall be mandatorily registered and shall wear the authorization badge visibly at all times, with no exception. The need to be registered arises from the risk conditions prevailing at the premises during this period. Mounting period refers to the period that starts at reception of structures and equipment by the organizer and ends three (3) hours before the opening time of the event, exhibition or fair.* Dismounting period refers to the period that starts at the closing time of the fair and ends at the time of delivery of structures and equipment by the organizer to the Centre. This registration allows workers to work under the Constructors’ Regulations in force. You may download it HERE or request a copy by mail at


Select the pertinent form for your registration:


We suggest that interested parties should carry out necessary procedures well in advance so as to avoid delays.

You can do so in person at our offices Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 13:30 and 14:00 am to 17:00 pm or from our online forms. During the days of matching armed with weekends or holidays, prior consultation service hours.

Send by e- mail to documentation with 48 hours in advance to verify the same . Indicate fair / s , number of stand or event where they will work .
Learn entering here the conditions to be met in order to enter the Worker Registration to Centro Costa salguero.

Once submitted documentation and confirmed will be delivered credential authorizing him to enter the Halls.

The credentials will have a certain effect for the certificate of coverage issued by the insurer. Once the given term expired, to renew this credential you must send e- mail to the certificate of coverage updated , as indicated in the terms of entry to the register , to know them click here . For renewal not necessary to complete the registration form.